Plasma Cutting

Cutting on the Jantar 2 (POWERMAX 1650) thermal  cutter.  Cutting table dimensions 3000x2000:

  • range of materials::
    • common steel,
    • acidproof (stainless),
    • aluminum,
    • Material thickness (thermal cutting) from 2 mm to 19 mm - 1.2mm compensation (kerf).
    • Material thickness (gas cutting on the same cutter): 3-100 mm
  • We develop projects: starting from the customer's drawings (CNC programming) to complete the final product
  • Orders are carried out in a timely manner and technically correct.
  • Working field measurements: 1800 x 3000

The Jantar cutter is designed for precision shape cutting using gas  or plasma burners.
It cuts following  sheets: steel, acid-resistant and aluminum. It is very efficient and generates very low additional costs.

The combination of modern burner design, (burners supplied by the American HARRIS company  and professional computer control system NEC2000S allows to:
- To obtain a high repeatability of the shape of the burned elements,
- Elimination of surplus material for machining,
- A result is a high quality burnt sheet,
- Broad application of the device: oxygen cutting, plasma cutting.


Preparation for cutting relies on designing the shape, which takes place using FASTCAM or AutoCad.
IIt is possible to use  client's design, if calcined shape project  is available in a  * .DXF / DWG format.
The price for thermal cutting is about 150 zł net / man-hour (design, burning and material included).