We offer full choice of handles, from regular ones to burglary resistant, handles with a key, handrails, balcony latches, etc.

One of the most popular handles is the HOPPE Secustik®, it has a patented locking mechanism which prevents it from being manipulated from the outside of the window by moving the fittings. While turning the handle a distinctive sound in its mechanism indicates that the security function is activated.

Secustik® handles with patented locking mechanism that increases protection against opening windows from the outside. When you rotate the handle properly from the inside - fitting shifts. When one tries to push the ferrule by inserting a screwdriver from the outside, Secustik® hardware locks the shift, which makes it difficult to open the window in an undesirable manner. This solution has a purpose: to defer a home invasion.

 HOPPE Secustik® handles are manufactured from the finest materials, that not only enhance the windows' functionality, but also add to aesthetics. They are modern and elegant in shape and there's an diverse color palette to catch up with the modern trends in design. Color palette can be choosed in accordance to individual tastes in a way that harmonizes with the character of one's interior.