About Company

The company was established in 1963. First, under the name of Auxiliary Enterprise, we have completed a lot of renovation and construction tasks, serving the Prison Service, leisure centers, District Courts, Regional Courts, The Prosecution Service, individual clients. Many works were supervised by the Urban Conservator.

We have often expanded our area of work. Witnessing the growth of our customers' needs and competitors' development, we have started the production of wrought iron fences and automated roller shutters. Our milestone was in 1999, when we started to specialize in window carpentry production.

We are currently registered as Bałtycka Instytucja Gospodarki Budżetowej Baltica (Baltic Economy Budgetary Authority Baltica), as decreted by the Council of Ministers Regulation and the Ministry of Justice.


  1. Manufacturing of PCV and alu windows
  2. General contracting
  3. General refurbishment of historical objects (under restoration supervision)
  4. Technical security (Ministry of Interior and Administration concession)
  5. Concrete manufacturing
  6. Prison commissary
  7. Metal manufacturing
  8. Commercial activity
  9. Grating, balustrades and fences
  10. Lodging hardware
  11. Roller blinds
  12. Funiture production

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